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Phenomenal Wedding Fireworks in Newcastle

Wedding firework displays - NewcastleAfter creating several magnificent displays for major events up and down the country, our speciality has become wedding fireworks. Phenomenal Wedding Fireworks is an award-winning wedding firework display company with our teams firing out displays almost every week nationwide with no additional mileage charges in mainland GB. With the opportunity to create displays that can be set to the music and colours of your choosing, every single show being staged by us is unique and crafted to meet your individual needs. Prices for our incredible displays start from as little as £595 (Inc. VAT) up to whatever your budget allows as we have a wide variety of wedding firework displays to match any budget.

As a team, we are determined to provide fantastic entertainment for you and your guests with wedding firework displays being a must-have addition to all celebrations. Phenomenal Wedding Fireworks are typically based in the North West, locally creating incredible wedding firework displays for many areas of the UK, including Newcastle.

Phenomenal Wedding Fireworks create spectacular wedding firework displays for celebrations such as, birthdays, corporate events or a product launch with a range of pre-set professional packages through to top class designer displays to choose from. We have created several amazing and breath-taking fireworks for celebrations within some of the major cities like, Manchester, Scotland, London and Birmingham. Due to our constant high level of stock, we can put on a display with short notice. However, due to high demand, we strongly advise that you book with us in advance to avoid any disappointment.

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