Pyromusical Wedding Fireworks

Pyromusical Wedding Fireworks – wedding firework displays. The Phenomenal Fireworks design team are experts at putting together displays to music to meet your individual expectations. The addition of music brings an extra level of personalisation to the moment, making your pyromuscial wedding fireworks display a truly touching spectical.

Whatever your taste or requirements, our design team can conjure up a dazzling display, whatever your needs. Picture an astounding firework display dancing to the rhythm and beats of your favourite piece or pieces of music! This type of firework display is extremely labour intensive and requires a significant amount of planning.  We require plenty of notice for this service, but the results are outstanding.

Pyromusical Wedding Fireworks

Talk To Us About Your Wedding

Let us know when your wedding is and what plans you have.  If you already have an idea of the fireworks you would like to use, please let us know what they are, otherwise, we are happy to discuss options and what will work best for you.

Please use the form to talk to us about your needs, or, if you would prefer, call us on 0800 118 29 21

View our Pyromusical firework videos below

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