Incredible Wedding Firework Displays in Berkshire

Phenomenal Wedding Fireworks create spectacular wedding firework displays for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, a product launch, or just for fun. As a leading and award-winning wedding firework display company, we will ensure we always provide fantastic entertainment for you and your guests. We have been responsible for some amazing and breathtaking wedding fireworks in Manchester, Scotland, London and Birmingham.

Based in the North West, Phenomenal Wedding Fireworks provide fantastic wedding firework displays for many areas of the UK, including Berkshire. From a range of pre-set professional packages to top-class designer displays, we hold thousands of display fireworks in stock all year round. As a leading and award-winning wedding firework display company, wedding fireworks have become our speciality.

We hold a large amount of stock so that we can put it on display with short notice- although we strongly advise that you book with us in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Every show that Phenomenal Wedding Fireworks has staged is unique and can be crafted to meet your individual needs. Our displays can be set to the music and colours of your choosing, with prices that start from as little as £595 (Inc. VAT) up to whatever your budget allows. Phenomenal Wedding Fireworks have displays to match your budget, whatever your needs. Wedding firework displays are becoming increasingly popular and a must-have addition to any celebration, so make sure you book in with us soon.

To enquire about a firework display for your wedding in Berkshire, please get in touch using the contact form underneath.

Wedding displays in Berkshire

Talk To Us About Your Wedding

Let us know when your wedding is and what plans you have. If you already have an idea of the fireworks you would like to use, please let us know what they are. Otherwise, we are happy to discuss options and what will work best for you.

Please use the form to talk to us about your needs, or, if you would prefer, call us on 0800 118 29 21.